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Barrow drivers mysteriously locked out of their cars

DRIVERS in Barrow have been left bemused after being mysteriously locked out of their cars at a retail park on Friday morning.

FOBBED OFF: Stuart Hill with his car keys that were disabled at Asda

Dozens of shoppers were unable to get into their vehicles in the Walney Road Retail Park in Barrow.

Stuart Hill, 65, of Lesh Lane in Barrow, was one of the people involved in the incident outside Asda at around 10am and said he was left puzzled.

He told the Evening Mail: “I got out of my car and I saw a man who was having problems.

“His car alarm was going off and like me he had a Nissan. I then seen another old couple next to that car who also had a Nissan which they couldn’t open. I went to lock my car, and it wouldn’t lock. I saw another woman who was having the same problem as well. There was problems going on across the car park.

“The couple then phoned the Nissan dealership, which was just over the road, and someone came over about 10 to 15 minutes later.

“It must have taken me about 20 minutes to lock the car, but by the time the guy had come over from the garage it had all cleared up.”

John Houghton, service manager Barton Townley Nissan in James Freel Close said the problem was likely to have been caused by someone using the same radio frequency that the cars keys use.

He said: “There were all sorts of cars involved, such as Peugeots and Renaults, and it wasn’t just at Asda but through the whole retail park.

“It was probably caused by some sort of frequency issue, where someone is using the same frequency that the keys are on.

“It sometimes happens in other places, such as the car park at the back of town hall.”

Similar problems were also seen at the Corner House Park in Hindpool Road, Barrow.

Terry Smith, a technician at Halfords, said several cars had been unable to start in the retail park on Thursday and Friday.

He said: “There is nothing here that we know can cause the fault. People are coming in and asking us about it though.

“We have had to push one car from Tesco as it wouldn’t start and it we pushed it all the way to Pets and Home before it started working again.”

Mr Smith added that on Friday afternoon all the cars in the Halfords courtyard wouldn’t start and alarms were heard from other cars in the retail park.

A spokeswoman for Asda said she was unaware of the problems.

Similar cases have been seen in other parts of the country, with drivers in York were left baffled in November when they were unable to start their engines at a petrol station.

And in February drivers parking around Waterbeach’s Green in Cambridgeshire experienced problems locking their cars remotely and some said their cars would not start.

lHave you been having problems starting or getting into your car? Contact the Evening Mail on 01229 840 150 or email news.em@nwemail.co.uk

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Hi UnSlim Shady, has Barrow been 'pinged' again today - I was locked out of my car on ASDA carpark at 4:15pm on Sunday 12th August 2012

Posted by Jade Fox on 12 August 2012 at 22:47

OMG that happened to me when I was in elevenerife come on peeps get off the band wagon lol

Posted by John on 13 June 2012 at 19:51

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