Friday, 09 October 2015

Britains voice?

Karaoke wars began again this the two main channels lined up at almost the same time.

Yes, it's ITV vs. the BBC in 'entertainment' wars again. What am I referring to? Why, Saturday night television of course! But this year it's slightly different as we now have The Voice versus Britain’s got talent, both of which premiered this weekend.

 Two goliaths head to head against each other, who would win, Mr Simon Cowell or the good old beeb? Well, neither to be honest! But let’s analyse anyway, shall we.

 Britain’s got talent is very tired and, as always, over-rated and over-played. The usual promise of fresh talent and a bit of everything was quickly shown to be a lie again as the show quickly stuck to its too-many-singers-and-not-enough-variety routine. The now annual yawn-inducing 'Su-bo' moment turned out to happen in, surprise surprise, episode one. And just for a change, it was an overweight singer, who surprised only the naive and the acting-judges. Yawn. The only good point was David Walliams, who true-to-form, was a naughty little schoolboy and rather pleasingly taunted Simon Cowell and acted very silly. (I doubt it'll stay that way though: Simon may like us all to think he can take a joke, but he can't...expect changes soon!) So, all-in-all, rubbish, but made bearable by Walliams.

 As for The Voice, well I was pleasantly surprised and yet at the same time disappointed. Yes, it was fresh and the premise was good, but it just didn't deliver exactly what it said on the tin. True, it was about the voices...but then, as usual with these by-the-numbers-shows, it quickly descended into a 'who-has-the-most-depressing-emotional-back-story-show'. Zzz.
As for the judges-well Will.I.Am was a star as predicted, and quite right too: he's an underrated legend. Tom Jones was better than expected and powerful, actually giving the show some gravitas. Judge 3: Danny who? And as for Jessie J: well she was like a rich kid in a sweet shop...loud, annoying, spoilt and arrogant. Apparently Simon Cowell wants to poach her. I'd say let him: the Voice would be a much better show without her, and would gain much more credibility. But then again I suppose they need her for the phone votes off the kiddies to come later on the series don't they...

 So both were much as predicted: formulaic, dull and full of far too many overrated samey-singers with sob stories aimed to make us pity them. The Voice nearly pulled off the great new pretender award, but didn't. Shame. But if I had to pick a winner, I'd say the voice, purely because of Will.I.Am. and the fact that looks didn't really matter (yet.) So well done to the Voice. And the biggest compliment I can think of right now? Well at least it wasn't the X-Factor!

 What do we all think? Are there better shows out there? (Of course there is!) Discuss.


By Gra Lee
Published: March 26, 2012


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