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Keswick to Barrow 2011

A RECORD number of people braved wet weather to take part in the Keswick to Barrow walk.

A downpour did not deter 2,297 people from setting out on the 40-mile trek in the early hours of Saturday morning. The number of those who started Saturday’s fundraising walk was the highest in its 45-year history, beating the number of participants in the previous record-breaking year of 2009 by just one person.

A further 160 people walked the Coniston to Barrow, a 23-mile walk, on the day.

Barrow and Furness MP John Woodcock was there to wave off walkers in Keswick. Mr Woodcock had registered to take part in this year’s event, but was unable to after undergoing an operation

He said: “People come from all over for this. It is a great opportunity to showcase the area. It is powered by Barrovians, is part of our culture and heritage and rightly something which we are deeply proud of.

“It’s amazing how embedded in the town’s psyche it is and it is amazing how it motivates people who perhaps normally don’t exert themselves physically to do reach this incredible achievement.”

People came from all across the UK to take part in the challenge, with hundreds of teams raising money for causes close to their heart.

Jane White, the mother of 10-year-old Harry Hucknall, who died in September last year, said: “I am doing this for my son. He had always wanted to do the Keswick to Barrow himself.”

The first man in was Ian Symington, 31, from Manchester with a time of 4 hours 31 minutes and 52 seconds, while the first woman in was Kathleen Aubrey, completing the race in 5 hours 20 minutes and 20 seconds and coming fourth overall.

The sun broke through the clouds and shone on the bulk of walkers reaching the finish at Hawcoat Park Sports and Social Club in the late afternoon.

The event has gained a reputation for being extremely well-organised, and this year proved no exception.

From the hundreds of marshals who woke at 2am to prepare the route, to the first-aiders who rapidly responded to injuries, and the hundreds of support cars which offered food and plasters at check points, community spirit and camaraderie were in full flow.

BAE boss John Hudson, president of the walk’s organising committee for the first time this year, said: “The team had a huge challenge behind the scenes with the weather making sure everything ran smoothly as there is a lot of technology which supports the walk, but they have done a fantastic job.

“It is really good that we have had such a high number of participants despite the rain, but from my perspective it is equally as important to recognise the huge effort that goes into organising the walk.”

l See Wednesday’s Evening Mail for a special eight-page Keswick to Barrow supplement.

Can you spot yourself on our Keswick to Barrow videos?

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I don't really know if i'm speaking out of turn here but although the K2B was very well organised etc but what about the Consiton 2 Barrow?! They want it to be more publicised in order for more people to take park yet all the write ups have been pretty much about the K2B? I know it has been going for 45 years but I think there should be some credit to those who did complete the C2B & atleast publish their results, afterall it is for charity whether it be 40+ miles or 23!!

Posted by C2B Participant on 11 May 2011 at 21:23

Proud to be walking as part of TEAM ALICE and I think that the organisation of the K2B just keeps getting better.
As for the single Marton resident, it's nice that you have the time to moan ... obviously there's not much going on in your life at the moment.
Perhaps next year, you should get off your backside and do this CHARITY walk. Then, by the time you get home, the fantastic K2B committee will have already tidied your road.
To the rest of the Marton residents ... thanks for the support and encouragement to keep going, particularly for our younger team members (10 years up), it was much appreciated. Fab day and TEAM ALICE look forward to putting their energy into supporting more unfortunate cancer kids next year.

Posted by Vicky Pyne on 11 May 2011 at 16:29

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