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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Making fairy dens and mud slides in the Forest School

Burlington’s Key Stage One children are learning a host of skills at Forest School.

Children from Burlington School enjoying a lesson at Forest School.

Burlington’s Key Stage One children are learning a host of skills at Forest School.

Since October the pupils have been using Bank Wood in Chapels for their fun outdoor activities.

The children learn about the natural world and lots of personal and social skills through adventurous play.

Year 1: We sometimes go on a bus and sometimes in a car. We walk back. We have to have a partner and we have sore legs when we get back to school. What our mums say when we get muddy – “Oh good gracious me!” We have to wear special clothes that have reflective strips on our pockets and we have to wear waterproof trousers so we don’t catch a cold. Atchoo! We drink hot chocolate.

Hattie Lee

We first go to forest school on the bus but we sometimes go in cars then we walk the rest of the way to the forest. We walk back down one of the lanes. Our clothes are blue and they have reflective strips. We wear wellies, hats and scarves too.

Charlotte Atkinson

When we get to forest school we walk around the boundary and go to base camp. Base camp is a circle of logs and we sit on them.

Merryn Stangroom

We go on a bus and then we walk to the forest. Then we walk around the boundary. I put water on the mud slide. To get the water we get a bucket, then we put water in it and put it on the mud slide.

Matthew Whillance

At forest school we go around the boundary and make fairy dens. It is fun. I made my den out of ferns, leaves and moss.

Imogen Barber

Year 2: At forest school we made a mud slide. When it goes dry we throw water on it to make it slippy. We also made fairy dens and at midnight the fairies moved in. My den has a bed in it made of moss and leaves. I sometimes get so dirty I get spots of mud on my nose! We have a good time. I love it – it is so much fun!

Kate Steel

I made a fairy’s den out of sticks. It had beds made out of moss and a swimming pool. We got the water from the stream. We had buckets to put the water in, then we walked up the hill and put the water in the pool.

Kate Martin

At forest school we have made a mud slide and some fairy dens. To make a mud slide first you find a good spot. Next you put some water on the slope and then you are ready to slide. To make a fairy den get some sticks and put them on in a semicircle to make the roof. To make the inside put some wet mud in and let it dry.

Harrison Carr

By Natalie Chapples


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