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Students gain winning results

STUDENTS who collected their GCSEs this summer recently gained awards for achievement and hard work at school. Here are results from early prize-givings

SUCCESS: The 2008 GCSE year group from John Ruskin School, Coniston

Walney school
WALNEY School high achievers received the following GCSE Awards.
Emma Cleasby – Outstanding Achievement, Highest Achieving Female Student, English, Religious Education.
Ashleigh Calvert – Outstanding Progress, Health & Social Care.
Scott Duignan – Highest Achieving Male Student, Literature, Product Design.
Chelsea Ballantyne – Media Studies.
David Hopley – Science, History.
David Sloane – Mathematics.
Emma Cleasby – Religious Education.
Samantha Mawhinney – Food Technology, German.
Katie Dickinson – Textiles.
Victoria Cooney – ICT.
Philip Dodding – French, Physical Education.
Paul Gomersall – Geography.
Kathryn Duignan – Art.
Daniel Low – Electronic Products.
Corey Marsden – Resistant Materials.
Stephen Dixon – Keir Black, Food.
Terri-Leigh Binns, Danielle Brown, Emma Cleabsy, Chelsea Crowe, Philip Dodding, Kathryn Duignan, Scott Duignan, Sam Feeney, Lewis Gibbons, Michael Parkin and Jacqueline Wright – Excellent achievement across curriculum.

Thorncliffe school

THORNCLIFFE School GCSE students gained the following prizes:
Alexander Beetham – ICT (attitude, support).
Thomas Benn Media.
Daniel Boon – Music (progress, events support).
Liam Burns – Personal Development (effort, attitude).
Daniel Carroll – Form Prize (attendance, attitude).
Sheree Charters – Year Head’s.
Ben Cook – ICT (attitude, support).
Sonia Crook – Child Development (effort, attainment).
Gareth Davies – TLC (effort, achievement).
Blaine Devlin– GCSE PE.
Victoria Ducie – TLC (effort, achievement).
Jamie Duncanson – Art (effort, focus).
James Field – History (achievement); Maths (achievement, commitment).
Kerry Gardner – DT Product Design (work, attitude); Year Head’s.
Bernice Harrop – Health and Social Care (effort, attainment); Leisure and Tourism (effort, achievement).
Anna Hearty– Maths (perseverance, commitment).
Melissa Hickey – Child Development (effort, attitude).
Joseph Hill – BTEC Outdoor Education (work, attitude).
Emily Hopkins – The Headteacher’s; Health and Social Care; English Language; ICT (all for attainment).
Daniel Huddleston – Form (attendance, helpful conduct).
Matthew Ireland – TLC (effort, achievement).
Hannah Johnson – Catering (attainment).
Adam Kay – Asdan (effort, achievement).
Benjamin Lavender – Drama (commitment, achievement).
Genny Lewis – DT Engineering (work. attitude); DT overall.
Jordan Mcbride – Science (attitude).
Katie Milligan – BTEC Outdoor Education (work, attitude); Science (work, participation and attitude).
Elizabeth Morrall – Geography (consistency); English Language (attainment).
Billy Moss – Director of Specialisms’ award; Year Head’s.
Rebecca Parker– Music (progress).
Lewis Pearson – Maths (effort, determination).
Heather Pritchard – Asdan (effort, attitude).
Lewis Salter – Year Head’s.
Samuel Schofield – French; History (both achievement); Maths (achievement, commitment); Music (progress, events support); Science (achievement); Headteacher’s award.
Ben Skelton – Spanish (achievement, effort); Geography (effort); English Literature (attainment, effort); Form Prize (role model).
Devon Skyrme– Drama; Media (both achievement).
Ashley Smith – Asdan (attainment, commitment); Catering (effort, attainment).
Nicola Taylor– Maths (determination); Art (improvement).
Lindsay Walker – BTEC Sport (work, attitude); Art (commitment, focus and performance).
Hannah Watson – GCSE PE
Stephanie Wells – Art (effort, focus).
Daniel West – BTEC Sport (work, attitude).
Justine Winter – BTEC Outdoor Education (good work, attitude).
Rory Wood Maths (achievement, commitment); English Literature (attainment, effort); Art (performance).

Parkview school

PARKVIEW School GCSE students were presented with the following awards.
Jon Ross – Governors’ Award, services as Head Boy.
Andrew Westwood – Governors’ Award, drama performances, services as Deputy Head Boy.
Cara Harvey – Diana, Princess of Wales, services as Head Girl.
Nicole Mawson– Fisher Arts.
Daniel Meloy – Fisher Science.
Ryan Potter – School Award, public examinations.
Holly Nuttall– Stark Challenge, school sport.
Lewis White– Susan Carter, academic improvement.
Ben Wilson – Sam & Barbara Price, Performer of the Year.
Sarah Banks – Sam & Barbara Price, most improved sportsperson.
Melinda Gunter – J Vamplew, Science.
Zowie Green – V Hannah, Art.
Jordan Broome – J & P Lewis, Sports.
Kelly Pacey – W & M McCullough, English.
Rachel Shaw– Marsh’s, History.
Sean Wood – Earnest Priest Foundation, Mathematics.
Sam Hubbold – Adam Chartering, Geography.
Karl Horwood – G E Brown, service to school teams.
Sarah Borwick– Eastwood, Science.
Amanda Newby – D Stoker, Technical Graphics.
Jordan Phillipson – JL Winder, Mathematics.
Leanne Crossman – Cameron, German.
Joshua Griffiths – BAE Science, effort and achievement in Chemistry.
Jennifer Lewis – BAE Science, effort and achievement in Applied Science.
Louise Downing – BAE Engineering, outstanding achievement.
Amy Cartmell – German, consistent effort and determination.
Rebecca Elrick – ICT, outstanding results.
Emily Joel – English, dedication.
Cara Beckman – Mathematics, excellent attitude and perseverance.
Annie Bridges – CoPE, excellent attitude and attainment.
Nikitta Godfrey – CoPE, excellent attitude and attainment.
Helen Fleming – RE, excellent effort and achievement.
James Rezamand – Motor Vehicle Studies, excellent attitude and achievement.
Hannah Burton – Health and Social Care, determination and perseverance.
Stephanie Caine – Textiles, outstanding effort and attainment.
Emily Carr – Electronics, attainment and effort.
Charlotte Steele – Law, outstanding achievement.
Nathan Clark – Resistant Materials, excellent attainment.
Emily Glynn – Business Studies, excellent effort and attainment.
Jack Dixon – Sport, England Karate.
Keiran Jacques – 100 per cent attendance for five years.

Cartmel Priory School

CARTMEL Priory CE School awards went out to the following.
Christopher Walsh – Canon Thompson (outstanding academic achievement) Mathematics, Science, Geography.
Alfie Gerrard – Headteacher’s; BTEC Sport (attainment); Art Graphics (progress).
Lauren Davies – Headteacher’s; Colin Paterson Harington House.
Ben Bridden – Deputy Headteacher’s; Drama.
Ned Sharpe – William Wilson Student; John Magnall Cavendish House; English, Music, Statistics (all attainment).
Beth Tomison– Clive Peaple; Pat Jones Preston House; Drama (attainment).
Michael Southcott– Ben Pearson.
Casey-Ann Longster – John P Rawlins; Outdoor pursuits.
Joe O’Doherty – Edna Martland; Joyce Rawlins Marshal House.
Callum Thompson– Donald Wroe Engineering; ICT (attainment).
Rod Smith Harry Robinson Science.
Farrah Sanbrook – Community Service; Asdan (attainment).
Matthew Lishman – School Attendance; Mathematics (progress).
Sophia Lacey– HWH Watson (service).
Rod Smith – Enterprise.
Ben Donkin – Enterprise; Fine Art (progress); Catering (progress).
Michaela Bent – Enterprise.
Niall Cowperthwaite – Colin Paterson Harington House.
Ian Oldcorn – Pat Jones Preston House; ICT (progress).
Inndia Marsh – Joyce Rawlins Marshal House.
Charlotte Birch – John Magnall Cavendish House.
Lauren Robinson– English (progress).
Charlotte Nicholson – English (progress).
Jonjoe Rhodes – Mathematics (progress).
Katie Lewis – Science; History (both progress).
Rebecca Vickers – Fine Art (attainment); Textiles (attainment); Citizenship (progress).
Samantha Wilkinson – Art Graphics (attainment); Religious Education short course (attainment).
Jemma Pritchard – Asdan (progress).
Lucy Sanders – BTEC Sport (progress); Statistics (progress); Textiles (progress).
Claire Doffegnies – History (attainment); Catering (attainment); Religious Education (attainment).
Amanda Dennis – Drama (progress).
Adam Jeffs – Geography (progress).
Katherine Chorley – German (attainment); Religious Education (progress)
Hamish Nelson – Resistant materials (attainment); German (progress); Religious Education short course (progress).
Natasha Lomas – History (progress).
Taighlor Wilson– Music (progress).
Ben Pearson – Physical Education (attainment).
Fergus Nelson – Resistant materials (attainment).

John Ruskin school

STUDENTS at John Ruskin School, Coniston, received the following prizes:
Robyn Atkinson - Stead Senior Art.
Iain Bishop-Miller - Hughes Senior Science, Woodman Senior French, Constantinesco Senior Maths.
Stuart Dixon - W C Crispin Senior Technology, Ronald Raven Senior ICT.
Jenny Dugdale - Emma Holt Senior Catering, Dora Altouyan Senior Vocational Education.
Naomi East - Harold Holden Senior Music.
Megan Heaton - Daisy Rawdon Smith (consistent effort in Year 11).
Demi Johnson - Collingwood Art (progress).
Kate Little - Dilling Senior English.
Freya McCabe - John Raven Senior RE.
Samuel Miller - Catering department (most innovative chef).
Ruth Opie - Isobel Ross Senior History.
Louise Stearne - John Raven Senior Progress.
Stephen Todd - Ron Creer (leaver who brought most cheer and joy to the school).
Jenny Tunnah - Appleyard Senior Geography.
Thomas Tyson - Agnes Inman Spoken English.
Josef Walker- Edna Kitchin Senior Expressive Art.
Robert Warne - Gutrod Senior PE.
Nicola Wilson - Coniston Co-op Society Citizenship.
Joe Worsley Butterworth (best overall performance at GCSE).
Thomas Young Darbishire Senior English Literature.

Dowdales School, Dalton

DOWDALES students gained the following awards following GCSE results:
Sam Addenbrook– Meg Fletcher (exceptional work on behalf of others).
Chervonne Baker – N.Hepworth (perseverance).
Frances Barrand – P.Smith Platinum French.
Austen Barrett – Laura Chatfield (special achievement).
Lesley Beard – Churches Together in Dalton (endeavour).
Sian Bevan – Jillian Parker-Mansell Platinum (outstanding progress).
Sophie Bowns – Dalton with Newton Town Council (civic duty).
Adam Brown– Furness Footwear (school endeavours).
Taneli Clarke– DB.Anderton Music.
Paige Cook – B.Adams, Drama.
Tom Coward– Bernard Parker Platinum (outstanding progress).
James Flynn– Meg Fletcher Platinum (work on behalf of others).
Christie Fraser– W.Pudsey Trophy English coursework.
Charlotte Gawne – Margaret Rushworth-Parker (presentation).
Emma Godefroy – Dalton Charter Fine Arts.
Lisa Harrison – Elisha Jackson Sport.
Jake Holmes – Dalton with Newton Town Council (service to the community).
Hannah Jackson – Jackson (individual endeavour).
Paul Kirkham – N.Hepworth (perseverance).
Shane McQuillan – Headteacher’s Platinum.
James Malloch – School Physics
Faye Mulholland- E.Brewer Memorial History.
Angus Myers – Muse (performing arts).
Charlotte Ronald – School (unbroken attendance).
Tyne Semple – Jadine Huddleston (determination).
Andrew Turner – Philip Roberts (academic achievement).
Lara Turner – MG.Dickinson Sport.
Claire Ball – AM.Fisher, Dance; Ferguson (endeavour).
Alice Butcher – Haigh English Language; School German.
Martin Bush – Yarl Hydra-centre Technical Graphics; Dalton Fire Brigade (progress).
James Duerden – J.Pickthall Sportsman of the Year; DH.Legg (achievement).
Christopher Fitzpatrick – J.Hornby English Literature; Meg Fletcher (work on behalf of others).
Abigail Ingham – Nat West Maths; Glaxo Platinum Biology.
Natalie Ingram – K.Shoe IT; Lancaster University Student of the Year.
Peter Jesson – JT.Gilchrist Chemistry; G.Cain Engineering.
Natalie Mayor – EG.Beavis Religious Studies; JT.Franks (all-round excellence).
Sarah Rhodes – Margaret Swierkocki (progress in art); RJ.Jones Technology.
Rebecca Steele – Blair Geography; School Platinum (unbroken attendance).
Sophie Whiteway – Fisher (academic achievement); Ethel Cuthbert modern languages scholarship.
James Harrison – JT.Franks (all-round excellence); School (overall contribution to physical education); M.Noall Food Technology.
Matthew Hillman – Headteacher’s; School (unbroken attendance); Meg Fletcher (work for others).
Emily Graham, Cassie Stewart, Kathryn Thomason and Rachel York – Platinum (meeting highest of standards).


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