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Ulverston nursery relocated to school after floods wreck building

A NURSERY that was badly flooded has relocated over the road to a vacant school.

Rascals Neighbourhood Nursery in Lund Terrace, Ulverston, is temporarily based in the former Dale Street Infant School after last week’s deluge left the nursery under six to eight inches of water.

Nursery manager Alex Mitton had to send children home early from Rascals on Thursday afternoon when water filled the car park. Water eventually entered the building and caused significant damage to its interior and some contents.

Everything was insured, including loss of business.

Desperate to resume normal service, Mrs Mitton inquired if she could use Dale Street School, which was recently vacated when it merged with Sir John Barrow School, Ulverston.

After getting approval from Sir John Barrow School headteacher, Jill Cooke, and Cumbria County Council, Mrs Mitton worked tirelessly to set-up two classrooms in the old school.

Despite the upheaval, classes resumed on Tuesday, much to the relief of many work-tied parents, and the children, who are already calling it ‘our new school’.

A Cumbria County Council spokeswoman said it is expected they will be there until possibly April.

But that was news to Mrs Mitton, who said tests to establish the damage are due next week.

Mrs Mitton said: “We were very lucky the old Dale Street School opposite has moved into Sir John Barrow.

“I went to ask the head Jill Cooke and I asked if the building was sound enough for me to move into.

“Some slates that had been removed had been repaired and the heating was still on and Jill and the county said we were welcome to go in.

“Family and friends helped me set up one classroom on Wednesday and now we’ve set up another.

“So we have one room for the younger end and one for the older end.

“We’ve still got some things to sort out but on the whole it’s good. We’re quite settled and we can keep changing it to suit our needs.

“Everybody has pulled out all the stops out to move in.

“The caretaker has been wonderful.

“The children love it in their new school, as they are calling it.”

Many items of play equipment were ruined by the flood, along with a couple of PCs and some wooden cupboards.

Mrs Mitton said a cleaning company had sanitised the building.

Sixty-nine children attend the nursery at different times on different days.

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It is almost 4 weeks since we were flooded and have yet to date received very little help down here in Ulverston. What do we have to do to get some help?? Please help us out???

Posted by sharon phillipson-Reed on 14 December 2009 at 21:22

I agree with the comments of William Wood, I am also disgusted by the poor publicity for the appeal, which has been very localized. If it had happened "down south", you can bet your life it would have been plastered all over the national press.

Posted by Brian Burns on 27 November 2009 at 10:59

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